Getting Involved

About Gumdale Scout Group

Gumdale Scout Group commenced operation on the 23rd February 2007 and is one of the strongest Groups in Queensland.  The Group prides itself on being a 'child focussed' Group.  This includes ensuring that we have the necessary resources (physical, financial and human) available so our amazing Leaders can provide the best programs possible.

For almost 40 weeks of the year our Leaders, who are all volunteers, put together weekly programs that are run out of the hall or in the local Gumdale/Ransome area.

The success of Gumdale Scout Group has come from the support of the parents and it is critical to anyone that becomes part of Gumdale that they understand that our Group expects all members of each family help our Group in some way.  If your child is joining Gumdale then so are you!  With that in mind expect to be asked to take on a role at the Group.


There are many ways to get involved at the Group and by being involved you are sharing your child's Scouting journey.


Here are some of the ways you can be involved:

Group Support Committee

To ensure that our Leaders have the resources available to provide awesome programs for your child/children the Group Support Committee is responsible for making sure the Group has:

  • Sufficient funds to maintain or replace equipment.

  • Sufficient funds to support Leaders so they are not out of pocket purchasing weekly consumables

  • Helping provide subsidies (when funds are available) to members of the Group wanting to attend State, National and International Scouting Events

  • Provide funds for Leader uniforms and training

  • Enough Leaders in each of the Sections (Joeys, Cubs, Scouts and Venturers) to ensure the safety of all.

The Support Committee raises funds from time to time through a range of activities and again all families are expected to be involved. 

By not helping out around the Group means that someone else has to pick up the slack.  Do not be one of those parents that chooses not to help out.

All adult family members are members of the Group Support Committee and as such are expected to attend monthly meetings of the Committee and the Annual General Meeting.

There are many roles within the Gumdale Scout Group Support Committee so come along to the next meeting (see the Support Committee Page) and I am sure the Chairman will find a suitable role for you.

Adult Leaders

Being a Leader is not an onerous task. In fact the more Leaders we have available each week the easier it gets for everyone.  At Gumdale we have a great team of dedicated and committed parents who give up their time to look after a Group of youth memebrs in either the Joey Scout Mob, Cub Scout Pack (Tuesday or Friday), Scouts and Venturers each week.  Of course they have a vested interest in doing so and that is they get to be directly responsible for the Scouting welfare of their own child.  They share Scouting experiences and FUN together as well as looking after a heap of other kids.

As a Leader at Gumdale you get to help run weekely meetings, go away on amazing camps and outings and just have a heap of FUN!.  IN return for your efforts the Group will provide your uniform so you look the part, provide training (e-Learning and practical) so you can play the part and we will continue to support you so you can ease into the role you choose so you get to feel like you are part of not only Gumdale but the wider Scouting community.

Adult Helpers

Adult Helpers are non-uniformed adults who regularly (more than once a month) assist in the delivery of the Youth Program in the youth sections (Joeys and Cubs). Adult Helpers are only involved in Youth Member activities under the guidance of a trained Adult Leader holding a Certificate of Adult Leadership (our uniformed Leaders). As an Adult Helper you will play a vital role when helping the children working in small groups or helping to gather materials required for the next activity etc.

Adult helpers are required to complete an application for membership with the Scout Association, Queensland Branch and must hold a Working with Children Blue Card. We will help with the application process at the time of Adult Helper Introduction to Scouting training.