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Unique to Scouts Australia, Scouts Terrain is our custom-built digital platform designed for 21st century Scouting and is more than just a platform to record the achievement of our Scouts.

Scouts Terrain is a platform that will accompany the youth throughout their journey and challenges Scouts to explore new adventures, to try new things, and to seek new pathways.

As a tool, Scouts Terrain supports Scouts and leaders alike to experience the Program with focus on the creation and the delivery of our youth program for members, as well as effective reporting to help youth and adult Leaders continue to grow Scouting.

Technology and devices are a part of our world. They are a part of Scouting. They allow us to communicate, navigate, find information, learn and so much more. All of our youth members are digital natives. We need to harness technology and use it in the right ways to support, grow and improve Scouting.

What does it do ?


Effectively everything that would have otherwise have been done in the Section Progression Book or OAS progression book can be recorded in Scouts Terrain, from OAS "i can" statements and Special Interest Areas right the way through to Peak Awards.

How can i Access Scouts Terrain ?


Terrain is a web based platform, accessible from any modern web browser.   You will need to know the youth's member number and when first registering you will need to link to a valid email address for security purposes.  Contact your section leader for more details on terrain, and how to get your password to access the site.

Click on the image below to access Scouts Terrain. 

Scouts-Terrain-newdigital-600x500 (1).png
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