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What you can do in Scouts

Scouts are renowned for giving young people the opportunity to participate in various activities and attend all types of major events. It’s where our members make the best memories and form life-long friendships while learning a variety of skills.

The range of activities in Scouts is simply huge – it’s the biggest in Australia, and it covers everything from bushcraft to videography or abseiling to zoology. Activities are managed according to age, skills and confidence levels to ensure each youth member has the opportunity to develop new skills, confidence and leadership abilities at their own pace. As with everything in Scouting, youth-lead and adults support when it comes to activities and events.

A full risk management approach is in place for all activities. Some activities, such as the flying fox, are only delivered by specialist teams and demonstrated skill levels are pre-requisite for many activities. For example, a Level 1 boating qualification is required for still water canoeing and kayaking. All members are encouraged to take first aid training.

Our activities aim to do 4 things:


  • Facilitate friendship, excitement and learning

  • Empower you to rise to new levels of achievement and develop strength, trust and teamwork through adventure

  • Challenge your mind by learning a new skill and discovering the power of pushing yourself

  • Experience the rewards of making a difference by making a direct, positive impact to your environment and/or your community.

Types of Activities






















  • Bushcraft

  • Bushwalking

  • Camping

  • Alpine

  • Cycling

  • Vertical

  • Aquatics

  • Boating

  • Paddling

Special Interest Activities

Family camps and outings

The whole family can get involved in many Scout activities such as family camps, bike riding and canoeing.

Gang Show

Develop performance skills in a Gang Show, amateur theatre of a generally high standard. The cast is principally youth members with a minority of adult Leaders.


Cuboree is the biggest and most exciting event that a Cub Scout can go on. It’s a Queensland event open to all Cub Scouts that are nine or older across the state and often attracts attendance from other states. The camp runs for six days and five nights and is action-packed with activities from sun up until after sundown. It’s a great adventure for Cub Scouts, and they go through the journey of personal growth whilst learning to be responsible for themselves, with the support of the trained Leaders. 

Visit the Cuboree website by clicking this link

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